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Sanwa unveils latest collection of tiny kitchens for micro homes

Japanese brand Sanwa is launching a new collection of kitchens tailored to tiny homes, featuring a cabinet in vibrant citrus hues and a kitchen concealed in a desk.

Sanwa is showcasing eight new products at EuroCucina 2018, the kitchens-focused exhibition at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan.

All of them are designed to provide cooking and washing facilities in a single unit – making them ideally suited for those with limited living space.

Sanwa is showcasing eight new products at EuroCucina 2018, including a new version of the Ceragino kitchen with an oxidised metal finish

The collection also includes a kitchen on wheels, one with a rusty finish and one that needs to be suspended from a wall.

According to Sanwa, the range is designed to "create wonder, even in a small living space".

The collection, which includes the wood-patterned Pattina, is designed to "create wonder, even in a small living space"

"The new collection stands for combining sophisticated contemporary and minimalist design, typical of the Japanese tradition, with design research," it said.

"The chosen solutions highlight the important research process implemented by Sanwa Company to combine a unique style with the recent furnishing trends of contemporary living modules."

Alessandro Mendini designed a tall freestanding cabinet called AM 01, in vibrant citrus hues

Three of the new kitchens were designed by Italian architects and designers.

The first, by Alessandro Mendini, is a tall freestanding cabinet called AM 01, featuring swathes of orange, yellow and green across its lacquered exterior. Inside, it contains high and low storage units, a worktop, a sink and a hob.

Bestetti Associati has created a kitchen on wheels

A design by Bestetti Associati, called QB 01, is designed to be moved around. A steel frame on wheel surrounds the unit, and there are also lots of space-saving features.

"A wooden cut board covers the retractable sink, and portable induction hob could be placed inside the kitchen. There is also a little compact fridge and a drawer for cutlery," said Sanwa.

Elisa Ossino's kitchen, called EO 01, conceals its function

Elisa Ossino's kitchen, called EO 01, is designed to suit "lofts, co-working spaces, studies, small interiors and informal situations".

It consists of a monochrome block that conceals its function when viewed from the front. It also boasts integrated storage pots and magnetic boards where users can pin up notes and recipes.

AC 01, designed by Yuto Rie, functions as a desk when closed

One of the highlights of the range is AC 01, developed by emerging designer Yuto Rie. Made from bamboo, it functions as a desk when closed. But, thanks to an inbuilt electric motor, it opens itself up to become a kitchen with the touch of a button.

Sanwa suggests this kitchen would be well suited be someone with physical disabilities.

SC-01 is a steel kitchen that can be suspended from a wall

Also brand new is the SC-01, a steel kitchen that can be suspended from a wall.

The 2018 range is completed by two compact versions of existing Sanwa kitchens – the wood-patterned Pattina and the stainless-steel Grad45 – and a new version of the Ceragino kitchen, featuring an oxidised metal finish.

Grad45 is a freestanding stainless-steel unit

Sanwa also launched a range of compact kitchens at the last edition of EuroCucina, in 2016.

The brand is presenting its latest collection at EuroCucina 2018 from 17 to 22 April 2018, as part of Milan design week. Other highlights from the Salone del Mobilefurniture fair include a tufted furniture collection by Stephen Burks.

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