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Revealed: Commercial Interior Design's Power 50 for 2019

CID's annual ranking of the 50 most influential interior design leaders in the Middle East and North Africa has been unveiled


CID's annual power list of the design business leaders in the Middle East and North Africa with the power to have an effect on people and places is now online. These leaders are the ones changing attitudes and behaviours, creating employment opportunities and polishing rough diamonds, contributing to the economic growth of the region and developing its eclectic design aesthetic.

The Commercial Interior Design Power 50 List is published every year in December and ranks the most influential people in the interior design industry. The people included in the Power 50 List 2019 – and their respective positions – have been selected based on publicly available information and details submitted to Commercial Interior Design via an online survey that attracted more than 100 individual submissions.

For the first time ever, this survey asked respondents to name three people they believed had had the greatest influence on regional interior design in the last 12 months. These names were tallied up and the ones with the highest scores are the ones that have stronger position on the list than they may have done in previous years.

The extensive survey was used to build a data profile on each candidate for inclusion on the list. In addition to basic information, such as the candidate’s firm, job title, years of service, and portfolio of completed and upcoming projects, the survey looked at other things: training and development of younger staff, investment, revenue growth, job cuts or creation, corporate social responsibility and expansion into new markets were among the questions asked.

The editorial team spent a long time discussing who deserves to be featured, and in what order. The final rankings reflect a collective decision, made based on the most pertinent information available.

However, this list is subjective not objective. It attempts to capture and quantify the abstract concept of influence and while the editorial team has endeavoured to remain as objective as possible, it is important to note that other opinions on the most influential people in regional interior design are available.

With this in mind, if you feel that you or any of your colleagues have been overlooked in the list, then please get in touch with us. Commercial Interior Designs always on the lookout for fresh faces making moves and driving impressive changes in the Middle East. You might just see yourself in these pages next year.

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