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Roof Systems - Symmetry




Residential, educational, corporate, comercial, cultural, industrial


Customizable finish, choice of profiles, roll-formed on-site to a specified length, easily replaced, easy installation


Width: 12" (305mm), 16" (406mm), 18" (457mm) | Height: 1-1/2" (38mm), 2" (51mm), 2-1/2 (64mm), 3" (76mm) | Length: 5' (1.52m) to 45' (13.72m) Standard

More about this product

Morin Corporation is specialized in roll forming of Architectural heavier gauge single skin metal wall and roof systems. They manufacture over 100 profiles for any size of project. Alongside panels, Morin Corporation offers a complete suite of metal finishes which include perforations, corners, coordinated louvers and fasteners, and custom extrusions.

Morin Symmetry roofing systems provide a variety of options:

Unlimited color and texture options and combinations; options exist for multiple color panels.This panel comes in multiple heightsOptional ribs provide a design element along with functional benefits.The panels are roll-formed to the length required on-site making installation easier.Because the panel is symmetrical - if one is damaged, it can be pulled out, without having to remove any others.


Roof Symmetry 2-5-16 StriatedRoof Symmetry 2-5-16 Pencil RibsRoof Symmetry 2-5-16 No Clip Relief

Material Options

Galvalume/Zincalume Painted Steel20 GA (.91mm), 22 GA 24 GA (.60mm)Aluminum.040 Ga (1mm), .050 GA (1.27mm)

Morin Corporation can provide on-site installation guidance and technical staff to help with drawings, design, cost saving ideas and technical knowledge.

Application and Use in Construction

Roof, Exterior / Outdoor


Slabs / Plates / Panels

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