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Muse imports Norwegian moss for luxury Bluewaters apartment

Muse Interior Design shipped in Norwegian moss to create a biophilic wall for a luxurious three-bedroom apartment on Dubai’s artificial Bluewaters Island.

The boutique Dubai-based practice recently completed the three-bed contemporary apartment, with just 30 days to implement its design.

The practice used 60kg of Norwegian preserved moss for a biophilic wall panel in the apartment’s study room.

Approximately 400kg of decorative Sicilian stucco was brought in by air freight for the high-end residential project, which has 10 slabs of natural marble for wall cladding.

In addition to the stucco, marble and moss, Muse Interior Design used 60m² of wooden panels which were produced and installed in just 15 days.

The marble and wood panelling have been used across the apartment in addition to concealed lights. Statement art pieces have been added to the living room to enhance the stylish aesthetic requested by the client.

“We had lots of fun and enjoyment during the design process [of the apartment],” Muse co-founder Michael Dudnyk told Commercial Interior Design.

“We didn't have many much specific requirements for this project: all the customer said was that it should be stylish. For the living room floor we used laminate with a quartz finish to create durable floor with concrete finishing.”

He added: “Overall our team was excited to create this contemporary project in a short timeframe. It added some extra challenges and pushed us to find more creative solutions.”

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