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Tartan Collection by Sebastian Herkner for Decoratori Bassanesi

Decoratori Bassanesi’s new collection Tartan is a new geometry of vertical and horizontal planes manages to become as soft as cloth, and a refined weave and weft takes shape. Sartorial tradition is intertwined with modernity in this innovative collection designed by Sebastian Herkner, a designer who pushes home decor past its limits to create fascinating new tactile sensations.

This is a new chapter that confirms the brand’s collaboration with some of the most fascinating players on the international stage of interior decor and design. The sensibilities of the designers, the needs of the architects, the applicable technologies and the eventual end use of the product can open doors to new paradigms and ideas: if with Paola Navone’s Bonbon collection the brand has experimented with the different declinations of the mosaic, with Herkner Decoratori Bassanesi challenged the possibilities of the coating with a material reinterpretation of the fabric.

From idea to form, Tartan drapes the walls as a tailored suit. The overlap of finishes and the varying thicknesses and intersections of lines create depth and rhythm. Whether you choose a harmonious colour palette or the sophistication of a monochrome approach, it is always versatile, enriching the style of every space.

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