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Piero Lissoni Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Living Divani With the Uncollected Furniture Line

Their personal and professional lives have been joined for 50 years. Husband-and-wife Luigi Bestetti and Renata Pozzoli founded Living Divani in 1969. Then, 20 years later, Piero Lissoni became the company’s art director, spearheading a wholesale transformation of the Italian furniture brand. To celebrate both milestones, Interior Design Hall of Fame member Lissoni designed Uncollected: 10 pieces divided into two families, one slender and ethereal, the other solid and sinuous. For the latter, see the cast-aluminum sweep of the 01 chaise longue and the klismoslike back of the 02 chair. Further, he designed a temporary structure out of neon-lit aluminum and mirror film to showcase the collection during Salone. Called “50+30,” the exhibition was set on the grounds of the 18th-century Palazzo Crivelli.

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