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Microscopic robots and controversy: Pallavi Dean’s guide to Dubai Design Week

Pallavi Dean and Roar are doing something unusual at Dubai Design Week 2019: nothing.

“For the past few years me or Roar have launched something – a furniture line, a stand at Downtown Design, a talk,” Dean told Commercial Interior Design. “But this year we made a decision to do absolutely nothing. Not because we don’t love designing; we just want to spend a year enjoying the work of other people."

Here are the three must-see things Pallavi Dean is looking forward to most at Dubai Design Week.

Abwab “Abwab translates to ‘doors’ in Arabic and the Dubai Design Week exhibition is a portal to great, up-and-coming designers. I particularly like this year’s Indian pavilion, because it tackles a controversial topic: the different religions, cultures, philosophies and mythologies that make up India. This year’s designers are tackling these subjects through a crazy array of craftsmanship, from stained glass to woodcarvings and I absolutely love it.”

The Global Grad Show “This is where young designers use their skills not to make pretty pictures, but solve real-world problems. Ultimately that’s the point of design – to solve problems. For example, a bunch of designers from Imperial College London have identified the growing risk of antibiotic resistance and the threat we face from immunity, so they have developed a microscopic robot that we eat as a replacement for antibiotics. How cool is that?”

Downtown Design 2019 “Downtown Design the crown jewel in the week-long Dubai Design Week creative festival. The fair has something for everyone – from seasoned professionals to amateur design enthusiasts. I love that this year they have collaborated with big names in the industry to create a true reflection of the UAE design community. Can’t wait to see what Wilson Associates, Swiss Bureau and XBD Collective have in store for us.”

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