• Shenzhen billion Hong Yun Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a commitment for the Chinese people in the world cutting-edge fashion localized fashion group, set the fashion brand development, construction, product design, production, sales promotion as a whole. After ten years of rapid development, has been the fashion in the highly competitive domestic market, established a high brand value and market acceptance. 100 million Hong Rungong Secretary to "OZZO (Ouni'er)" and "NOWHere" as the main brand, made at the end of 2006 the French luxury fashion brand clothing Rêves De Fleurs exclusive rights to the Asia Pacific region. 100 million Hong Rungong Division with from Europe, Hong Kong and the mainland deep local senior designer looking, keen market insight and ability to grasp the popular elements, combined with exquisite fabrics and detailed production work, ever- moment to create a very contemporary, stylish and tasteful fashion brand. 

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